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HF SYSTEMS are a set of rule-based trading strategies applied to the financial markets with the aim of providing market beating returns over the long haul with minimal downside risk.

The HF SYSTEMS subscription service offers LIVE access to two of the systems, TRIPWIRE (TW) and EARLY RANGE BREAKOUT (ERB), which are day trade strategies applied to selected FX pairs as follows:

EUR/USD TW          performance summary and equity curve            

GBP/USD TW          performance summary and equity curve               

USD/JPY TW           performance summary and equity curve                

EUR/JPY TW           performance summary and equity curve            

GBP/JPY TW           performance summary and equity curve               

EUR/USD ERB        performance summary and equity curve

GBP/USD ERB        performance summary and equity curve               

USD/JPY ERB         performance summary and equity curve            

The service consists of access to a dedicated MT4 account where system entries and exits can be viewed in real time as open positions in lot sizes which reflect a maximum dollar risk amount as determined by an 18 year back test period. Some traders use the information for market timing purposes, while others actively replicate HF SYSTEMS performance either by trading manually or via automation. For example, one of the linked accounts generated a 78% return in 2022 while seeing a maximum drawdown of 30%.

In addition to MT4 access, subscribers can get an insight into how HF SYSTEMS operates by signing up to my FREE Telegram channel where I post the current status of the systems tracked along with any pending orders which shows price levels where each system may enter or exit the market. 

EUR 200.00 for a 3-month subscription

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