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I'm sure you've heard of Pareto's '80/20 Principle' where 80% of outcomes come from 20% of causes? Well '80/20' also applies to trading and is evident on most of the online FX/CFD broker websites in the form of disclaimers which often state that "around 80% of our clients lose money". Don't let this put you off, joining that elusive 'top 20%' isn't that difficult. It takes time, application, patience, capital, and above all, EDUCATION to get there.


I started my own journey in the mid-90's with a large amount of unfounded confidence and a relatively small amount of capital which I was going to turn into a large sum in a short space of time. How wrong I was. It took years of ups and downs, blood sweat and tears, learning what works and what doesn't work through studying the markets, before I started to become consistently profitable.  


If you are interested in a full-time career as a trader or perhaps you would like to learn how to generate an additional income stream through trading, I run an online course which consists of 24 recorded sessions (see below), by the end of which you will be equipped to trade at a professional standard.

Each presentation will provide examples for all concepts shown, and students will be able to contact me by email to ask any questions relating to the course material. 

Week 1

1) An Introduction to Financial Markets   

2) An Introduction to Technical Analysis
3) Trading Platforms and Brokers

Week 2

1) Bar Chart Patterns
2) Japanese Candlestick Patterns

3) The Winning Trader’s Mindset


Week 3

1) Trend Indicators

2) Momentum Indicators (Oscillators)

3) An Introduction to the FX Markets


Week 4

1) Fibonacci Numbers/Ratios

2) Elliott Wave Analysis

3) The Mechanics of Trading


Week 5

1) Understanding Risk and Reward

2) Formulating a Trading Strategy

3) The ‘TNT’ Trading Strategy


Week 6

1) The ‘One-Two’ Trading Strategy

2) Some Trading Curveballs 

3) Money Management


Week 7

1) FBR and FBS Trading Set-Ups

2) The Trading Plan

3) The Typical Learning Curve


Week 8

1) Algorithmic vs Discretionary Trading

2) Building Blocks of Trading Systems

3) The ‘IBO’ Trading System

Course fee: EUR 1,500.00


Email for details.


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