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This course opens up the world of systematic, rule-based trading which many traders consider to be the best way to approach trading the markets.

There are many arguments in favour of trading using a systematic approach over a discretionary approach, the main one being the ability to apply a proven strategy consistently and without hesitation. Adopting a systematic approach can help traders avoid some of the emotional pitfalls which befall discretionary traders such as inherent bias which can prevent the trader from taking the correct course of action.

TRIPWIRE has a clear set of rules for entry and exit and these are provided via recorded online sessions. All of the rules are FULLY DISCLOSED and presented in a clear, concise manner so that they can be followed to the letter either manually or on an automated basis (EasyLanguage code supplied if required).

The course consists of a recorded presentation which provides a step-by-step guide for implementation after completion of which, a live session will be arranged to configure TRIPWIRE to client specifications in terms of unit sizes, risk metrics and optimal input values.

​​Course fee: EUR 3,000.00

Email for details.

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