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ERB is a day trade system which employs aims to benefit from daily range expansion on three of the main FX pairs: 


ERB waits for the formation of the for the optimal set-up employing trend and volatility filters which limit the number of trades keeping trading costs to a minimum. As TRIPWIRE is a low frequency system there are often days where no open positions or pending orders to enter new positions occur in any of the five FX pairs. 


As soon as TRIPWIRE enters a new position it is reflected on all linked MT4 accounts in sizes which reflect mandated maximum drawdown levels. As an example, if TRIPWIRE is traded on an account with a $10,000 start balance risking a 25% maximum drawdown the lot sizes on MT4 will reflect cash risk of no more than $2,500, i.e. 25%. 

Risk is controlled by an initial stop loss placed just above the current day's low (high) for a long (short) position with amended stop levels and profit targets communicated as the day progresses. Trades can be entered at any time during the 24-hour global session and all positions are exited at 22:00 CET so there is no overnight risk. Equity curves for each of the five FX pairs from mid-2005 to end-September 2022 are shown below based on variable unit sizes reflecting a $500 average losing trade. 

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EUR/USD (2005-date)


GBP/USD (2005-date)

USD/JPY (2005-date)

EUR/JPY (2005-date)

GBP/JPY (2005-date)

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